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Our Story

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Who We Are

In 2018 we began our fostering journey, we quickly learned that we had very little knowledge of how to parent children with a history of trauma. We would reach out for help but there just wasn’t anything available. I started searching for answers but reading a book and implementing new parenting strategies while living in chaos was just not possible. When I found TBRI I realized this was the answer, our family needed these tools and skills to turn our chaos into a thriving home. God has placed a passion on my heart to use the struggles we walked through and the lessons we learned as a benefit to others. So, in 2021 Hands & Feet Inc was established so that I could bring the same tools and skills my family needed to our community.

Listen & Watch Our Interviews.

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This organization was created out of our own fostering journey. Our family has walked this path and we know the needs. God has given us the heart for this mission and we need your help to turn our vision into a reality.

Our Mission

Serving our foster parents to the benefit of our children by gathering support from our churches and communities.

Our Vision

To end the shortage of foster homes by being the hands and feet of Jesus to ensure the best homes for our children.

Our Value

We are a faithful, dependable, honest and courageous members of an inheritance. 

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